About NWB Bank

Nederlandse Waterschapsbank N.V. (“NWB Bank”) is a leading financial services provider that offers bespoke short-term and long-term finance arrangements on favourable terms. Our services are geared exclusively to the Dutch public sector.

A bank of and for the public sector

We serve local authorities, such as water authorities and municipal and provincial authorities, as well as government-backed institutions. Most of our clients are societal organisations, such as institutions engaged in social housing, healthcare, education and activities related to water and the environment. Like our clients, the shareholders of NWB Bank are Dutch public-sector parties.

A robust financial position

NWB Bank funds its operations on the international money and capital markets on the back of a robust financial position and ratings from Moody’s (Aaa) and Standard & Poor’s (AAA). Our solid status and financial expertise allow us to raise ample funds on favourable terms in the international financial markets. Furthermore, NWB Bank has a very low cost structure.

Putting the client’s interests first

NWB Bank puts its clients’ interests first. Our bank fulfils a major role in the provision of financial services. We can only fulfil that role well if society – and our clients in particular – place their trust in us. Our core values are consciousness, engagement and reliability. Employees are expected to promote these core values in carrying out their duties.

Our mission

As a customer-focused, robust and sustainable financing partner, we enter into lasting relationships with our stakeholders and enable them to fulfil their duties in Dutch society in the best possible manner.

Our strategy

By catering efficiently to the combined financing needs of customers in the public domain, we aim to keep the financing charges for the public sector as low as possible. We aim to respond to changes in public sector requirements and be available to our customers at all times.

A public limited liability company

NWB Bank is a public limited liability company, whose shares have been owned by public authorities since it was established in 1954. NWB Bank is an “ordinary” public limited liability company, which means that its shareholders have significant powers, such as the power to appoint the Members of the Managing Board and the Members of the Supervisory Board.

We govern our Bank on the basis of robustness and transparency – the Managing Board never loses sight of the interests of all our stakeholders. Read more about our corporate governance.

The Bank’s key legal charter is constituted by its Articles of Association. Among other aspects, they set out provisions on the Bank’s object, capital and shares, governance, Supervisory Board and shareholders.

Banking licence

NWB Bank has held a licence to operate a bank offering investment services within the meaning of Section 2:13 of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht) since 1 July 1989.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides a strong financial position and efficient business operations, we attach great value to social responsibility.

Half-year report 2019

NWB Bank presents its 2019 Half-year report in digital format only. This is in line with our CSR policy.