Funding programmes

To fund its operations in the international money and capital markets, NWB Bank uses funding programmes. The Bank is able to raise funds from a large and diversified group of international investors on favourable terms thanks to long-term (Aaa/AAA) credit ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. It does so mainly by issuing debt securities under the following programmes:

Debt Issuance Program EUR 60,000,000,000 dated 30 April 2019

First Supplement to the Base Prospectus dated 2 September 2019

Kangaroo/Kauri Bond Programme AUD 10,000,000,000

In order to raise money market funding, NWB Bank uses its CP programmes, under which it issues debt instruments with maturities of up to one year. NWB Bank receives the highest possible short-term rating (P-1/A-1+) for her CP programmes.

Euro-Commercial Paper and Certificate of Deposit Programme EUR 25,000,000,000 dated 10 August 2017 which has been granted the STEP label.

NWB Bank furthermore has established a U.S.$25,000,000,000 Commercial Paper Program which is available for Qualified Institutional Buyers and Institutional Accredited Investors. If you belong to one of those categories and you would like more information about the program, please contact our Treasury department.