NWB Fonds

The NWB Fonds embodies the special commitment NWB Bank has to corporate social responsibility. Established in 2006, the fund serves as a source of finance of and for water boards in shaping their international partnerships. It offers them the financial means to contribute to solutions to global water issues, based on their core tasks and core values.

The fund's initial capital in 2007 was €4 million. In 2008 and subsequent years, the Bank has enabled the fund to increase its capital to reach over €20 million.

For more information: www.nwbfonds.nl

Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides a strong financial position and efficient business operations, we attach great value to social responsibility.

Half-year report 2019

NWB Bank presents its 2019 Half-year report in digital format only. This is in line with our CSR policy.