Social commitment

One of the ways for us as a bank to demonstrate our social commitment is through sponsorship. Projects and activities connected to water are eligible for a financial contribution from the bank. Indeed, we are proud sponsors of the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam and the Flood Museum in Ouwerkerk.

Requests for sponsorships or donations can be sent by e-mail to Requests must contain a short explanation and a (draft) budget. An internal sponsorship committee will subsequently evaluate the requests.

Haarlem Architecture Centre

In 2019, we gave a donation to the Haarlem Architecture Centre for their exhibition on Water & Climate Adaptation. The exhibition is part of a series called ‘In Haarlem staat een huis’ (‘There’s a house in Haarlem’), which aims to raise awareness and inform people about the relationship between houses and water. More information is available on the website of the Haarlem Architecture Centre (Dutch only).

Certificate of participation

We believe it is important to help create job opportunities for people with disabilities. To visibly draw attention to our contribution, we agreed with all other banks party to the collective labour agreement (CLA) for the Dutch Banking Industry to buy at least one Power Certificate from Everyday Heroes every year during the term of the CLA.

A Power Certificate costs €3,500. Everyday Heroes uses this sum to remove the final obstacles to gainful employment. As each certificate is linked to a job, it helps people who have been out of the labour market to find work again. So far we have been able to help Boy and Quincy with a job.


The CLA went into effect in 2015 and will run until at least 1 January 2021. 

More information?

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