NWB Bank: the sustainable water bank

NWB Bank is a bank of and for the public sector. We focus particularly on water and sustainability. We use our AAA/Aaa ratings to raise funds for our clients cheaply and sustainably. This enables them to minimise the burden on citizens and drive sustainability in an affordable way.

Our strategy

Public finance

We provide appropriate financing on favourable terms for clients in the Dutch public sector

Investor relations

We are one of the safest and most sustainable banks in the world


NWB Bank reports fraud with the Public Prosecution Office


Capital requirement remains unchanged for NWB Bank


NWB Bank issues its first USD SDG Housing Bond


Our customers

GVB Amsterdam: replacing materials and making them more sustainable

We have provided financing to the Amsterdam municipal public transport operator GVB. The financing will be used for the purchase of new trams, metro trains and electric buses. GVB operates the public transport system in greater Amsterdam. Every day, about 875,000 people travel on GVB’s metros, trams, buses and ferries.

GVB wants to be climate neutral from 2025 onwards.
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