Bank of and for the public sector…

We finance water authorities, municipalities and provinces, as well as government-backed organisations such as housing associations and healthcare institutions.


… committed in particular to water and sustainability

As the sustainable water bank, we also focus on drinking water companies and other organisations in the public water sector. We also finance public-private partnerships and renewable energy projects.

Types of loans

Fixed-rate loan

A fixed-rate loan is a loan in which the interest is fixed during the period of the loan.

A roll-over loan is a loan with a floating interest rate. The interest is reset on so-called coupon dates. 

In a roll-over loan with a variable principal loan amount, both the interest and the amount of the loan are variable.

All types of loans

Water Authorities’ Climate Monitor

Dutch water authorities are right on track with their ambitions when it comes to sustainability. This is the main conclusion of the 2018 Water Authorities’ Climate Monitor. The Climate Monitor is a joint initiative of our bank and the Association of Dutch Water Authorities.

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Key figures

Loan portfolio

€52 billion

Over one third of the Dutch public sector debt finance is funded by our bank

Lending volume

€12 billion

Largest financing volume ever for the bank in 2021

Number of clients


All of our clients are part of or operate in the Dutch public sector

Financed houses

1 out of 10

About 30% of all homes in the Netherlands belongs to housing associations and of these homes we finance one third