NWB Bank finances wind farm Windpark Zeewolde

NWB Bank and the Danish export credit insurer EKF have joined Rabobank in the financing consortium of wind farm Windpark Zeewolde. Recently, Rabobank provided the financing of the wind farm and the senior loans of approximately € 470 million are now fully refinanced by NWB Bank. In the new structure, NWB Bank, EKF and Rabobank share the risks. Wind farm Zeewolde is a unique cooperation of 200 local farmers, inhabitants and entrepreneurs in the outskirts of Zeewolde and will provide power to more than 250,000 households.

“The financing of wind farm Zeewolde is a perfect example of the elaboration and implementation of our ‘sustainable water bank’ strategy: the wind farm benefits from our attractive funding rates and as such we make a substantial contribution to an affordable energy transition in the Netherlands. This transaction also shows how we give substance to our commitment to the National Climate Agreement” says Frenk van der Vliet, CCO at NWB Bank.

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