NWB Bank annually publishes a Green Bond Newsletter to provide the public and investors transparency into the use of proceeds from Water Bonds. In 2017, NWB Bank entered the social bond market and therefore the bank for the first time also publishes a Social Bond Newsletter. The 2018 Green Bond Newsletter (Water Bond Report) is available here and the 2018 Social Bond Newsletter (Social Indicator Report) can be found here.

Since 2014 NWB Bank issues Water Bonds that qualify as Green Bonds. The revenue from those bonds is used to finance water authorities' projects, which contribute to climate mitigation, climate adaptation and biodiversity. In 2018 a further two Water Bonds were issued by NWB Bank totalling €644 million.

In 2017, NWB Bank also entered the social bond market. The proceeds from the Affordable Housing Bonds specifically benefit the financing of social housing. In that way the bank contributes to securing housing for among others those in need but also a larger group of tenants, like youth and older people, who are facing challenges to find affordable living. In 2018 NWB Bank issued three Affordable Housing Bonds totalling €2.1 billion.

In its reporting NWB Bank follows the Green Bond Principles and Social Bond Principles from the International Capital Market Association (ICMA). These principles have become the leading framework globally for issuance of green and social bonds.

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NWB Bank is a national promotional bank which aims to keep the financing costs for the public sector as low as possible. The bank primarily serves local and regional authorities (water authorities, municipalities and provinces), as well as institutions guaranteed by the government or local and regional authorities, such as housing associations and health care institutions. Its AAA/Aaa ratings and financial expertise allow the bank to actively respond to the needs of its clients, allowing the latter in turn to fulfil their role in society in the Netherlands to the fullest extent possible. As a significant bank, NWB Bank is supervised by the European Central Bank (ECB).