NWB Bank signs Finance for Biodiversity Pledge

NWB Bank is one of 26 financial institutions who have signed the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge. The pledge was launched in the margins of the UN General Assembly during the Nature for Life Hub on the 25th of September. With the pledge, we commit to asses our own impact on biodiversity, set targets and subsequently report about all this in 2024.

“As the sustainable water bank and sponsor of the Biodiversity Working Group that is part of the Dutch Central Bank Sustainable Finance Platform, we feel we need the set the example as NWB Bank. Our clients and especially water authorities fully appreciate the importance of biodiversity recovery so this is a logical next step for us” says Lidiwn van Velden, CEO of NWB Bank.

The signatories recognize that the Earth’s biosphere is the foundation of human resilience and progress, and that it is under increasing stress. As financial institutions, they emphasize the need to protect biodiversity and to reverse nature loss in this decade, ahead of the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in May 2021.

The Finance for Biodiversity Pledge is a collective commitment by the finance sector itself. The pledge was established by a group of European financial institutions which have been working actively as members of the EU Finance and Biodiversity Community (F@B Community).


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