The sustainable water bank

As the sustainable water bank in the Netherlands, we are committed in particular to financing projects and companies in the public water sector, as well as sustainable energy projects. 

Drinking water companies

We are an important financer in the drinking water sector. Drinking water companies have the crucial task of providing consumers and companies with a sufficient supply of high-quality drinking water. Properly fulfilling this task requires constant investment in the drinking water infrastructure (in pumping stations, treatment plants and the pipeline network, for instance). The activities of drinking water companies are regulated by law, which is why they have been a client at our bank for a long time.

Sustainable project finance

Companies and (non-profit) institutions who have received a ‘Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production (SDE+)’ grant are welcome to contact us about options for project finance. The SDE+ is a government programme to encourage the development of sustainable energy production in the Netherlands. Examples include solar and wind energy. Projects and organisations involved in aquathermal, geothermal and district heating are also eligible for financing from our bank. 

Innovative water projects

We are currently setting up a Water Innovation Fund to support the regional water authorities and encourage them to innovate. This fund will focus on financing projects that are in a pilot phase. We plan to launch the fund in 2020. 

Public-private partnerships (PPPs)

We are actively involved in financing and structuring projects that have arisen from public-private partnerships (PPPs). The government and companies work together in PPPs, especially in the areas of housing and infrastructure. A separate project organisation is usually established for these projects, which we then finance. The project organisations are usually consortiums comprised of construction companies and investors. 


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