The Water Authorities’ Climate Monitor

The Climate Monitor is a joint initiative of our bank and the Association of Dutch Water Authorities. This annual study analyses the water authorities’ contribution to energy and climate targets. The study is conducted by consultancy firm Arcadis.

The water authorities have strong ambitions when it comes to sustainability. They want to generate 40% of their own energy by 2020 and be entirely energy self-sufficient by 2025. According to the 2020 Climate Monitor, the water authorities have already reached their their own energy production target of 40% in 2019 and incrreased this to 43,2% in 2020. 

The Climate Monitor as a key source of information

As the bank of and for the water authorities, we diligently pursue our own sustainable ambitions. For example, we generate a large portion of our funding through ‘Water Bonds’ (Green Bonds). Every year we publish a Water Bond Report to shed light on how the proceeds of these bonds are used. The Climate Monitor is a key source of information in this endeavour. But we have even greater ambitions. As the sustainable bank, we want to map the climate impact of our entire credit portfolio from 2021 onwards. We are grateful that we can use the Climate Monitor for that purpose.

If you would like to learn more about the Water Authorities’ Climate Monitor, please visit the website of the Association of Dutch Water Authorities (only available in Dutch)

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