Our strategy

Our strategy consists of three pillars: we are the bank of and for the public water sector, an essential financial service provider in the Dutch public sector and the go-to financing partner for enhancing sustainability in the Netherlands.

We are the bank of and for the public water sector. We are the primary provider of full financial services for the regional water authorities. We aim for the highest possible market share in financing our shareholders. We have traditionally financed drinking water companies, as well. Financing these clients dovetails perfectly with our image as ‘the sustainable water bank’.

We are an essential financial service provider in the public sector. We finance municipalities, provinces and institutions under the supervision of local and regional authorities, such as housing associations and healthcare institutions. We aim for a substantial market share to ensure a competitive, varied and innovative playing field where public funds are managed efficiently and effectively.

We see ourselves as the go-to financing partner for enhancing sustainability in the Netherlands. The transition to a climate-neutral and circular economy will require major investments in the Netherlands in the coming decades. We are contributing to this by providing appropriate and low-cost financing.

The foundation of our strategy is our sustainable, efficient and socially engaged organisation. We are the most cost-efficient and best-capitalised bank under the supervision of the European Central Bank. And we set a good example in the area of sustainability and social engagement.

Sustainable and social returns are the final pieces in our strategy puzzle. As a promotional bank, our aim is not to maximise profits. We put the public interest and long-term value creation for society at the centre of everything we do.


Our mission is to help our clients create added value for society as a robust and sustainable bank for the public sector.


As a cost-efficient and socially engaged bank, we respond to the changing needs of our clients. We offer them appropriate financing at the lowest cost possible. This enables them to minimise the burden on citizens and drive sustainability in an affordable way.

Core values

We can only fulfil our societal role effectively if society, and our clients in particular, are confident about our organisation and the integrity of our operations. To this end, our core values are ‘conscious, committed and credible’.

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