NWB Fund

There is a global demand for Dutch water expertise. We set up the NWB Fund in 2006 to support the water authorities in their effort to share this expertise. This fund co-finances the water authorities’ international cooperation projects, which help to solve global water issues. With projects in countries such as Colombia, Burkina Faso, Romania and Indonesia, the water authorities operate on almost every continent in the world.

The NWB Fund was launched in 2007 with an initial capital of €4 million. This figure has grown through the years and now exceeds €20.5 million. The income from the interest on this capital generates approximately €800,000 a year, which the NWB Fund can use to finance and support the water authorities’ international cooperation activities.


The fund is separate from the bank. An independent board is responsible for the NWB Fund’s policy, and a programme committee evaluates funding requests. The daily operations and handling of requests and projects are in the hands of an agency.

Blue Deal

In 2018, the water authorities closed a so-called ‘Blue Deal’ with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The target is to provide 20 million people worldwide with an adequate supply of clean and safe water by 2030. The NWB Fund has made funds available to achieve this goal.

The Blue Deal and the NWB Fund essentially have common goals. Many of the water authorities’ expenses previously financed by the NWB Fund are now being covered by the Blue Deal. The NWB Fund has expressly sought to work with the Blue Deal to increase impact abroad. Of course, the fund will continue to actively contribute to the water authorities’ international activities that do not fall under the Blue Deal.

For more information (in Dutch), please visit the NWB Fund’s website.