Water Innovation Prize

Every year, together with the Association of Dutch Water Authorities we award the Water Innovation Prize to innovative water projects that are in keeping with the tasks and responsibilities of regional water authorities. These water authorities are always looking for new ways of improving water management and making it more sustainable and cost-efficient. The Water Innovation Prize is a perfect way to discover and share new, smart ideas.

Regular categories include ‘Flood protection’, ‘Water quantity’ and ‘Water quality’. Every year, we also devote special attention to an additional topic. The theme in 2019 was ‘Digital transformation’. We also introduced a new category last year: ‘Dreamcatcher’. Winners of the Water Innovation Prize not only receive a glass artwork by Gert Bullée but are also offered the services of an innovation broker. The latter will work with them to explore possibilities for improving and marketing the innovation.

For more information (Dutch only), please visit the Water Innovation Prize website.