NWB Bank will distribute €20 million in dividends to its shareholders for the 2018 financial year. The bank's Managing Board decided to do so in anticipation of the amendments to the Capital Requirements Regulation. One part of the Regulation is a proportional calculation of the leverage ratio for promotional banks. As a result, the leverage ratio for NWB Bank will be higher than 10% which is amply above the minimum requirement of 3%. The bank is therefore no longer obliged to add the profit, which for the year 2018 is €99.7 million, in its entirety to the general reserves.

During the Annual General Meeting on 18 April, the bank’s shareholders approved the appointment of Annette Ottolini as member of the Supervisory Board. She will succeed Peter Glas, to whom the General Meeting expressed its gratitude and appreciation for his commitment as Supervisory Board member during the two-term maximum. Annette Ottolini is General Director of the Evides water company since 2014 and has previously served as Board member at Waternet and KPN Telecom, among other things. The General Meeting reappointed Frenk van der Vliet and Petra van Hoeken as statutory member of the Managing Board and member of the Supervisory Board, respectively.

The 2018 Annual Report can be accessed here.

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NWB Bank is a national promotional bank which aims to keep the financing costs for the public sector as low as possible. The bank primarily serves local and regional authorities (water authorities, municipalities and provinces), as well as institutions guaranteed by the government or local and regional authorities, such as housing associations and health care institutions. Its AAA/Aaa ratings and financial expertise allow the bank to actively respond to the needs of its clients, allowing the latter in turn to fulfil their role in society in the Netherlands to the fullest extent possible. As a significant bank, NWB Bank is supervised by the European Central Bank (ECB).