Westland Infra Netbeheer

A sustainable district heating network in the Westland

Our bank has provided a €83 million loan to regional network operator Westland Infra Netbeheer (WIN) and its mother company Juva. The loan will among other things be used for the realization of a sustainable district heating network in the Westland region.  Westland is located between The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam and it is the main greenhouse horticulture region in the Netherlands. In this region, our client plays an important part when it comes to the transition from natural gas to alternative and more sustainable energy sources. As the sustainable water bank, we want to contribute to this transition and provide appropriate financing.


WarmteStad B.V.

A sustainable district heating network in the city of Groningen

WarmteStad will provide affordable and renewable heating to more than 10,000 businesses, institutions and households in the city of Groningen. Our bank has, among others, financed the construction of the buried network of pipes for this geothermal heating project. The water flowing through these pipes will be heated by surplus heat from data centres in the district.

WarmteStad is delighted to have found a sustainable partner in NWB, who is going to help us drive the energy transition in Groningen.

Dick Takkebos, Managing Director of WarmteStad B.V.


GVB Amsterdam

Replacing materials and making them more sustainable

We have joined forces with BNG Bank to provide financing to the Amsterdam municipal public transport operator GVB. The financing will be used for the purchase of new trams, metro trains and electric buses. GVB operates the public transport system in greater Amsterdam. Every day, about 875,000 people travel on GVB’s metros, trams, buses and ferries.

GVB wants to be climate neutral from 2025 onwards.