Types of loans

We offer different types of loans. Clients can opt for ‘standard’ interest-only, straight-line or annuity repayment schemes or for tailor-made solutions. There are options for everyone, provided the cashflows have been established beforehand.

What type of financing do we offer?

Fixed-rate loan

A fixed-rate loan is a loan in which the interest is fixed during the period of the loan. We can also agree to conduct an interim interest rate review if the client desires. This loan is repaid in full on the expiry date or in multiple payments based on a predetermined repayment schedule.

Roll-over loan with a fixed principal loan amount

A roll-over loan is a loan with a floating interest rate. The interest is reset on so-called coupon dates. This date depends on the Euribor chosen (for example, a 1-month Euribor). In addition to the Euribor, each client pays a credit margin. This margin can be determined for a specific period or for the entire duration of the loan. 

Clients can also agree with us on an interest ceiling with roll-over loans. This is called a cap. We charge a premium for this insurance. The client has to pay this premium to us in advance.

Roll-over loan with a variable principal loan amount

In a roll-over loan with a variable principal loan amount, both the interest and the amount of the loan are variable. The client determines when to draw down the principal loan amount. The coupon is also determined by the sum of the agreed-upon Euribor (for example, a 1-month Euribor) and the credit margin. 

Base-rate loan

A base rate loan is a loan with a fixed interest rate in which the base rate is fixed for the duration of the loan. The credit margin is repeatedly determined for a specific shorter period. This credit margin is variable and is reset at the end of each period.

Short-term loan

A short-term loan has a duration that can last from a day to a year. 


With fixed-rate loans and base-rate loans, clients can also design a prefinance agreement with us. We grant this prefinance (for example, during a construction period) in the form of a roll-over loan with a variable principal loan amount. 

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