Bank of and for the public sector

We are the bank of and for the Dutch public sector. We focus on a diverse group of clients:

  •        Local authorities – water authorities, municipalities and provinces
  •        Housing associations – guaranteed by the Social Housing Guarantee Fund (WSW)
  •        Healthcare institutions – guaranteed by the Healthcare Sector Guarantee Fund (WFZ)
  •        University medical centres
  •        Universities
  •        Secondary vocational institutions (MBO) – guaranteed by the MBO Guarantee Fund
  •        Export financing – guaranteed by the Dutch State through Atradius Dutch State Business

We also finance certain sustainable energy projects and organisations in the public water sector, such as drinking water companies, without a government guarantee. That is the case with network operators and public-private partnerships as well. More information about financing these client groups can be found here.

Tailored financing

We always provide tailor-made solutions. Clients can design their own repayment schedule but can also opt for ‘standard’ interest-only, straight-line or annuity repayment schemes. There are options for everyone, provided the cashflows have been established beforehand. For example, we can offer variable payment schedules. Clients are also at liberty to choose in the following areas:

  •        Variable interest and repayment schedule
  •        Fixed or variable rates
  •        Long, fixed-interest periods of up to 50 years
  •        Credit margin period

Loans with municipal guarantee

Foundations, associations and other legal entities that possess an irrevocable guarantee from central or local government institutions are also welcome to contact us about financing options. This could be interesting for sports clubs or schools that have plans to renovate or make their buildings more sustainable. 

More information?

Wikash Gokoel
Local and regional authorities and financing under guarantee
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Leonieke Blaauwgeers
Project financing, renewable energy and public-private partnerships
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Aard Kluck
Drinking water companies, health care, education and renewable energy
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